Mini/Micro Tracks

Micro Tracks

Mini Tracks

Our mini or micro tracks are versatile in their uses. They can be used as guide rails in conveyor systems, wheel conveyors and roller carpets or integrated into packing tables/benches. The most common use for these micro tracks are within live storage or “flow rack” systems which are perfect for a range of industries, suitable for moving small boxes/totes or containers.

Check our flow rack system guide for additional information, what we can manufacture for you and how they can be integrated with our micro tracks to improve order picking and packing efficiency within a range of industries.

We can provide 3m lengths on a quick turn around due to having these in stock in our factory. The 3m lengths we provide have the following dimensions and specifications

Micro Track Specifications

Roller Diameter28mm
Roller Width25mm
Roller Pitch33mm
Load Rating10kg
Roller PitchesAs a guide rigid based items should have a minimum of 3 rollers underneath the product. More flexible items will require more support.

Manufactured using galvanised mild steel frames and polypropylene wheels which are temperature resistant from -30c up to +100c. As standard the wheels we carry on stock are yellow however we can supply black if required to integrate into existing solutions.

Please contact us directly via phone or email if you don’t want yellow wheels or need additional accessories.