About Us

From planning to completion Fastrax works closely with clients to firstly establish the needs and performance criteria with a view of providing an optimum solution delivered within an agreed budget. We employ a continuous improvement policy covering all areas within out business, working closely with our clients during a project and after sales. This enables us to develop our products, systems and general business operations.

As a manufacturer we are able to build the component products for use within your conveyor systems in the UK and Europe. Whether our requirement involves raw product, carton handling or palletised goods, Fastrax are able to respond with a conveyor system or process line to meet your requirements. We are able to offer an ideal solution at the lowest possible cost, without an additional mark up of buying in standard and additional conveyors and components within. Our UK manufacturing site produces standard and reliable conveyor products for delivery throughout the UK and Europe

Fastrax conveyors are an ideal partner for all your conveyor requirements. Manufacturing conveyor equipment ideal for applications throughout a wide variety of industries. From a simple transfer roller conveyor to a more in-depth driven roller conveyor system Fastrax conveyors works with resellers and end users providing reliable conveyors designed for ease of maintenance.


Belt conveyor

With use of proven designs and quality drum motor or gearbox motor drives and components Fastrax manufacture quality belt conveyor for a multitude of industrial applications, we also have stainless steel and food belt conveyor options all with a quick delivery. A belt conveyor from Fastrax will provide a reliable addition that suits your production needs.


Roller conveyors

By manufacturing a wide range of gravity and driven rollers, allows us to provide a gravity roller conveyor or a driven roller on a quick delivery. Our proven products will give reliable service to many industrial roller track applications.



Fastrax manufacture a wide range of rollers. From a small diameter gravity roller to a large diameter sprocketed roller Fastrax is able to provide a reliable product at a competitive price.

Fastrax conveyors are a UK manufacturer of conveyor rollers and gravity roller conveyors from mild steel and stainless steel, for use as single modules or within more complex conveyor systems. Working from our standard proven designs we manufacture quality conveyors and ancillary equipment, with proven reliability and are realistically prices. Our manufacturing is based in Corby and we deliver conveyors throughout the UK and Europe.

Fastrax aims to be the first choice for our reseller and end use customers for gravity conveyors. We will achieve this through a commitment to working with our customers and colleagues to manufacture lasting conveyors and process equipment which delivers reliable, low maintenance operation